How much water a pregnant woman should drink – Mamma Health

[ad_1] Pregnant women should drink at least 96 oz. (12 glasses) of water a day which is 50% more than the recommended daily water intake when not pregnant. Even more water should be consumed if you spend significant time in high heat or exercising. [ad_2]

Pregnancy and Clean Eating

[ad_1] Pregnancy and clean eating- I’m attempting this. I indulged while pregnant with O. I was always tired, and gained weight in places I didn’t know existed! I’m all about indulging a bit during this time, but I want to do better so I feel better and possibly avoid the[…]

15 Expert Tips for Surviving Your First Trimester | My Mommy Style

[ad_1] Congratuations, you’re PREGNANT! I’m spilling all the beans on how to get through your first trimester because MAN…it can be rough! Through nausea, vomiting, weight gain and more use these tips to bring you sanity! Share this with a friend! Pregnancy, Pregnancy tips, first trimester, mymommystyle, nausea, pregnant [ad_2]

Do I Need a Doula? | Mother Rising

[ad_1] Do I need a doula? If you are wanting a healthier and happier birth the answer may be yes. #motherrising #doula #birth #hospitalbirth [ad_2]